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Just one of those days

Mod: Oh how I hate Monday’s… or rather everyday for that matter. Not gonna go into full details, but I’m slowly getting sick and tired of being in my house, the atmosphere here is so thick that it’s getting harder to breathe…
I want to do commission’s and maybe find some way to get money to get out. But I dunno anymore you know…? how could you?

And so apparently is being a butt and won’t let me stream. HOWEVER, I am still taking requests, so for the first five peeps to message me, they get a free request of their choosing.

Join.Me Stream/Chat?

Mod: Sooooo I wanna do a stream, but I also want to do a Skype chat during the stream. I dunno, what do you guys think?

Mod: Lol my Walking Animation~

 Mod: Haa haaaa, here’s a little something I did during break, hope you guys like it~ (I want to sleep so baaaaad DB)

 Mod: Haa haaaa, here’s a little something I did during break, hope you guys like it~ (I want to sleep so baaaaad DB)

This is for  Enjoy~


Mod: Haaaaa ha ha haaaa, Look at iiiit… LOOK AT IT! This… this was so hard.


[reposting for those who asked]

Life Changes~

Mod: So like the title says, there’s been some major life changes going on and one of them is me being in college. It’s lessen my time on the computer to work on my art, and increased more on my time in being… well… a normal person.

I mean, I have all of my wonderful online friends and I love each and everyone of you, but to have friends IRL and be able to get out of my house for more then just an hour or so, I have to say it’s been so refreshing. (If not stressing for some of my classes) I’ve also been learning to manage my time, balancing school and life and trying to meet somewhere in between to enjoy all of it, so lately, I’ve been writing sticky notes and keeping everything in order as best as possible.

However, onto the matter at hand, there will be some changes;

  1. You might be seeing more Mod pics, hopefully in school or even going to some really cool events (Which I need to scan something awesome for you guys tomorrow cB)
  2. Depending on how much time I have to relax and such, I’ll try my hardest to continue with the updates. I know it’s been super SUPER slow, but I really do appreciate how you guys are like, really mega patient. You rock. Love you all.
  3. KEEP AN EYE OUT ON MY MOD PAGE! I maybe posting up some of my school stuff up there, showing you guys what I’m learning and how far I’ve progressed~ I would really like to get your feedback on some of my artwork.

Again, thank you guys so much for your patience throughout this big journey I’ve been working through; from the process of the blog, to my irl journey, and now this huge step in my life that I hope will get me places. I hope you all continue to be there for me and see as things change in my journey~